Trading software specialist: apply for a job

Trading software specialist

On-the-job training from experts
Hands-on experience early on
In-house software and support

A trading software specialist is at the forefront of technological innovation in the stock market, developing unique trading software for our establishments in Amsterdam, Larnaca and Utrecht. Software experts create tools that provide real-time data analysis. Their work enables traders to make more informed decisions, react swiftly to market changes, and ultimately, achieve higher profitability.


Develop trading software in-house as a specialist

At the core of the strategies of our trading company lies Tachyon, our proprietary trading software developed in-house by our team of trading software specialists. As a software specialist, you are dedicated to continuously maintaining and updating our trading software, ensuring it stays ahead of market trends and technological advancements. By developing our trading software in-house, we ensure that it is perfectly tailored to meet the unique needs and objectives, providing us with a competitive edge in the markets. We also maintain most of our own hardware. Would you like to become one of these trading professionals? Then we invite you to apply for an open position on our team.

Contribute to our trading software

Applying for one of our starter jobs in IT offers a unique opportunity to work on Tachyon, contributing to its development and refinement. You'll be part of a dynamic team that values innovation, precision, and expertise. Are you passionate about technology and finance? Join us as a trading software specialist and jump-start your career in the stock market. Apply for one of our open positions.