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Accent is a trading company founded in 1992. We host both independent traders and employ our own trading professionals. Additionally, we provide a worry-free environment with information systems, IT support, and legal and compliance departments. We operate in a competitive and fast-paced environment where feedback is immediate, success is celebrated, and failure is considered part of the job.

We believe that collaboration is key to our success. Our team consists of risk takers, sportsmen, intellectuals, and technologists. Working at Accent means having bright minds around you, taking on both old and new challenges where we learn at every step of the way.

Part of our philosophy is to build great working environments in the center of beautiful cities. With trading floors in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Larnaca, we are always looking for the brightest graduates or experienced professionals for our trading and technology roles. If you are ready to take the next step, please take a look at our career page and get in touch with us!

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