Utrecht - Accent Groupe

The Netherlands

Welcome to Domstad Traders, just a few steps away from the beating heart and origins of Utrecht Dom Square


Domstad Traders is a company founded in 2016 and is a part of Accent Groupe. In an informal and yet professional manner our team, consisting of some vibrant and youthful individuals tries to prepare themselves either together as a team or alone for whatever the day may bring.

As individuals we are competitive, goal oriented and hard workers, but of course we like to balance between work and pleasure. After a hard and hopefully profitable day's work, it's also possible to relax, laugh and look back at the day. This we do while we enjoy a drink either at the office or, especially during the warm summer days, at one of the many terraces.


Located in the fourth largest city in the Netherlands, we look out our window and see the beautiful canals, lively restaurants and cafes with lots of historical buildings.

When the market is quiet and we have some time for ourselves we like to play table football or darts, just to stay competitive. Also we have space to relax on the couch while reading books about trading.

What we do

Our team prepares for what the day will bring. Financial and geopolitical wise, and trade numerous financial instruments that suit our needs in order to fully benefit from the opportunity to make money.

You're totally free to conduct your trades and at the same time you can discuss with and give and receive feedback from your colleagues. All kinds of professional systems and programs help us to make that split second decision based on news headlines, geopolitical events and corporate results and actions. That split and decisive second can literally be the difference between the sweet taste of victory and the agony of defeat at the end of the day.

Since the future is not yet displayed in the charts, it all comes down to imagination, creativity and a sharp state of mind. In short, never a dull moment at the office!

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