Starter job: IT and trading

Starter job in IT trading

On-the-job training from experts
Hands-on experience early on
In-house software and support

A starter job in IT trading at Accent is an exceptional opportunity for individuals eager to bridge their interest in technology with the dynamic world of finance. This position is designed to provide you with a solid foundation in the technological aspects that drive modern trading strategies, making it an ideal starting point for a career at the intersection of IT and financial markets.


Starter job: learn about IT in trading

In the realm of trading, developing and maintaining cutting-edge trading software is paramount. A starter job in IT trading with us means being directly involved in the evolution of Tachyon, our proprietary trading platform. This role offers a hands-on experience in programming, data analysis, and system optimization, ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of our trading activities. It's a unique chance to learn about the critical role IT plays in screen trading, from algorithmic strategies to real-time decision-making processes.

Combine your passions for IT and finance

If you're a starter who’s passionate about IT and trading, apply for a job with our firm and start shaping the future of trading. This is your chance to work in a stimulating environment where your skills can contribute to innovative trading solutions. We're looking for motivated individuals ready to tackle the challenges of IT trading, offering a platform for growth, learning, and significant impact. Join our team and blend your expertise in IT with our financial acumen to drive success in the markets.